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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
  Elephant, Chimpanzee, & A Girl How do you compare these three paintings? DinosaurOne of them is simple, while the others are complex at surface. Look atthem further, they seems Asian SunUranusto be random and surreal. However, you may not know that one is painted by an female elephant Eva, and the others are painted by a four years old girl Marla Olmstead. (Besides, we have a chimpanzee painter Asuka. However, I could not find painting by her.) What are differences here? At least, their selling price is very different. The painting by elephant is listed in hundreds, while the paintings by the girl are listed in thousands. In addition, the level of imagination is also different. The paintings by Marla are apparently more inspired. It may indicate that the thinking of human being is more convoluted and creative. They are all subject to interpretation, habitual or novel.
Saturday, September 25, 2004
  Omarosa & Stacie It is noticeable that Stacie, as an african american female contestant, was fired in last episode of apprentice. On the surface, the firing was very resemble to the one played last season. It invoked my memory of Omarosa, another african american female contestant, was fired in the same show last season. They wanted to grab others' attention, and become psycho when they could not get it. In recap of the episode 1, Bucky Katt wrote,
Stacie decides to use a magic 8-ball to predict the team’s success. They others ignore her which causes her to get paranoid. She begins asking everyone why they are ignoring her and wondering what is going on. She then starts shouting that she thinks they won so let’s go claim the prize. The other 8 are giving each other the “she is psycho” look and Sandy comments that she will be the first to go whenever they go to the boardroom next as she cracked under the pressure.
They simply could not cooperate with team members. Their personality was too bigger for themselves and for the show. I just wondering why those minorities with higher education behave like that. It seems to me that they want to over compensate for their successes (by constantly mention their achievements).

As a footnote, I wonder whether Stacie will follow Omarosa's footstep by storming off The Jimmy Kimmel Show or by shouting "Don't you know who I am? I was on The Apprentice!" 
Friday, January 09, 2004
  I read a report from The Washington Post that Mr. Bush did not say anything when he met with Paul O'Neal for the first time. It's a monologue by O'Neal. In the same report, I learned that Mr. Bush mostly did not say anything during a meeting. One plausible explanation is that Mr. Bush was, is and would be a stupid guy who do not understand an intelligent conversation and have no opinions on most of things he is dealing with. A dumb guy! 
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
  I read a book review of Hegemony or Survival: American's Quest for Global Dominance (Noam Chomsky) by Andrew J. Bacevich (published on The Washington Post, Book World, January 4, 2004). The first impression is that I like the sentiment of what Chomsky talked about. His description about US in last century is a lot like what Chinese talked about foreigners several centuries ago. Those kind of thinking lead China lost her opportunity in the world. Now, she is doing some catch up. 
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